IamProgrez Nominated For ICT Project of the Year in Education

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IamProgrez is literally a game changer in education. Serious games for youth and young adults can better determine their direction. IAMP’s Projects Talent Quest and Ready4work are hereby officially nominated for a Computable Award. Friday, January 30, 2015 Linda Frietman was allowed to present her projects to the jury part. Friday, February 13, it was announced that five projects have been officially nominated for a Computable Award in the ICT project of the year in education.


Because the world has changed very fast, has created a complex social and societal challenge. According to Linda Frietman, managing director IamProgrez, this has consequences on the labour market and education. Education is becoming less able students diplomat lakes with a profile that fits vacancies and expectations of employers or what the market expects of them as an independent professional, expert / consultant, entrepreneur or future start-up. With the result that there is a shortage of skilled and qualified professionals while at the same time there is unemployment among graduates.

This is partly to do with the economic situation and even starting outflow of the elderly, but according Frietman, there is also talk of a rapidly changing demand from the business. Function Houses are now much more diversified by sector and business and the nature of work has changed. As a result of extensive specialization and increasingly complex products and services, working in teams and with different specialists commonplace. This requires besides good hard skills a lot more to good soft skills.

If the initiator has IamProgrez investigated both the labor market, knowledge institutions and the younger generation and then a game platform built, which now run two games. Talant Quest This involves discovering talent as part of education, so that there can be a more educated work and study drop and Ready4work is a game in preparation for working life and the development of soft skills in addition and complementary to the education. Furthermore, we are working on games that connect and are in addition to the vocational training, combined with offering more practical and experiences.

The first version of the IamProgrez engine was a private investment of the owner, then there are subsidies around youth come from cities in various ROCs and secondary schools. With ROCs is spoken now about further expansion and integration of the curriculum. In addition, there is a connection with private and (semi-) public innovation opportunity, where the game is used to form skills and expertise teams and developments involving new multidisciplinary issues. Finally, there are also organizations that are interested in their own internal game to facilitate with learning programs for employees.

Learning moment

Quite a costly learning experience in this project was to outsource the construction of the platform, the engine. This has not worked out well. Therefore IamProgrez decided to work with a young team of developers whiz kids and students, led by a top lead developer so that the platform is built in-house. Meanwhile, the organization behind the scenes is busy building the 3.0 version and there is a technical roadmap laid out for the coming years.

The platform is offered as a PAAS construction. The shell around the engine is thereby flexible and gives the client the opportunity to bring in their own themes and competencies so that each game will have its own DNA or a personalized game is. Furthermore, the drop of the game is always accompanied by a training for teachers. With a train-the-trainer program offers IamProgrez brainstorming sessions around challenges to, while there is a game master who is available several hours a week. After the assignment gets the clients a social return on investment reporting where all data and analyzes of the players has been mapped. Some ROCs IamProgrez take even the entire career counseling classes of them to the satisfaction of the ROCs.

Copy Cats

The success of the games shown by the fact that more and more municipalities, cities and universities and the games are finding that there is a real demand from abroad. There are also several copycats appeared in the market. For IamProgrez apparent success also from the doubling of sales compared to the first year since the start of the organization. Frietman: “Although we are a small tech start up sees the backlog for the first quarter of 2015 healthy, it is important to grow checked and continue to invest in the platform.”

Computable Awards 2015

The nominees for a Computable Award in the ICT project of the year category in education have been released. For ICT projects in other industries and markets can still be nominated. From May until 12 March for SMEs and large companies to 26 March and government to 17 April 2015.


For more information please visit the Computable Awards.


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